I Eat Libraries Like Kobayashi Eats Hot Dogs

That‘s right. I pick out a node library to use for a project and try it and dump it for something else in a matter of days. There’s nothing wrong with that for me, working alone, at the very beginning of a very iterative approach to a novel solution. But if you aren‘t me, and I assure you, you’re not, don‘t worry I’ll still try to make this useful and helpful if you're trying to decide what library you want your node project to use.

Stylesheet Loading With Express / Less

I was trying to figure out how to get express and less to create multiple stylesheets. When you start an express(1) app, it loads in less like this:

app.use(less({ src: __dirname + '/public' }));

But I need two things as my app grows:

  1. Move my source less files to a different path.
  2. Add more files that are compiled from less to css.

the routes in express

I'm really enjoying express. I think this is because unlike geddy, my experience with express is more closely tied to node itself than to a RVM pattern. I'm liking this, and learning more about node.

Good-bye Geddy

Well, ‘tis official, I’ve given up on GeddyJS. My original foray started out very polite and good and productive. But in the end, I had to walk away to something that was more ‘node’. Here's how it went down, step by step.

tl;dr: Geddyjs is RoR without the large community. Expressjs is a set of simple tools to get stuff done. I am learning this the stupid way.