On Migrating to Hexo

I‘ve had it. I’m fed up. After what amounts to 24hrs of fighting with ruby over which version was installed, needed, missing, I‘m done. I’m done with ruby version managers. I'm done with out of date bundles and gems. No more ruby for this kitten.

It's more nuanced than that

There are some things that I have to disclose about my relationship with ruby. I‘ve written very little soup to nuts in ruby itself. Yeah sure, I wrote a simple TODO list with RoR. Who hasn’t. But mostly I use ruby, I don't build in ruby. So maybe this can be marked up to a little mis-understanding.

I use ruby for RubyGems and bundle. I use RubyGems for sass, susy, compass etc. I use bundle to (hopefully) keep them all together. I don't really care how they work or what their innards look like. One might understand my frustration then, when I run a basic bundle install and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

There‘s no gaurantee that my choice for these things will work any better. My choice: node.js and npm so far have been very trusty and stable. What’s more I've actually worked quite a bit in node and I make a living in JS itself anyways.

So I found hexo?

Which leads me to abandoning Octopress for Hexo. Google‘d that. So far so good. I did have some issues using the Discount renderer over the default marked renderer. But right now that’s small potatoes. Next up for me: themes.