On how I play Skyrim

This has been coming up a lot lately at the work place. So here goes.

My character is a cat

He‘s a Khajit name Gryzwyck. Y’s are cooler than I's.

My character refuses to take sides

Because Nords are racists and the Imperials hate Khajit, I refuse to participate.

My character's skills

I like to use conjuration most of the time which means I don't really have to fight. BOOM - some dremora lords appear. I run around and loot. Otherwise, I just try to get levels as fast as I can within the bounds of the other rules that follow.

My character's friends

I got rid of Barbas. Dogs were cool, but really, really annoying. I used to keep a housecarl with me at all times as a mule. But I'm a khajit, so as soon as I could I got a Khajit to follow me.


Skyrim is too pretty and I‘m allergic to load screens. They’re boring. If they weren‘t boring and had like mini-games, I might fast travel. Besides, Skyrim is beautiful. I’ve started riding horses around more, but that‘s tricky because I have to get off the horse at intersections to make sure I don’t go off Clairvoyance's path.


Clairvoyance is a kind-of buggy spell that works like a gps to the closest active quest. This means I don‘t really have to think about where I’m going. This is awesome, but I don't really follow any story lines.

What to do in town

  • Turn in quests
  • If after 8pm, sleep till 8am
  • Check in with inn keeper for bounties
  • Check in with townsfolk for random quests
  • Check in with jarl for quests for thane-ship
  • etc. etc.
  • Before leaving town do smithing and alchemy by:
    • buying all ingredients from vendor
    • collecting any ingredients from my follower/mule
    • craft
    • sell back to vendor

Watching my weight

Like I‘ve said above, I use my followers as mules. Early on I would collect as many ingredients/smithing materials as possible and dump them on my follower. But I ended up having way too many potions that I was never going to use and couldn’t sell. So I try to only craft potions where the total weight of the ingredients is greater than 1 pound. I‘ve started carrying a Blades sword and an Ebony bow for fun because my conjuration is 100. Before that happend, I didn’t carry any weapons, I conjured them.

What that gets me

130 hours total game time for a lvl 45 character that's only completed one full quest line (Companions).